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Smart Pressure™ Diagnostic Smoke® Machine
Item Number: ETIWV711

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The Smart Pressure™ Diagnostic Smoke® Machine is a full featured leak detector, specially designed for turbocharged vehicle systems.
The WV711's Smart Pressure™ technology produces the densest visible smoke vapor ove3r the unit's entire range of operating pressure. Smart Pressure™ technology software electronics prevents thinning of smoke density that occurs when conventional units are set at high pressure. A denser smoke vapor means it's to see at leak points. It also means a faster UltraTraceUV® dye deposit at the exact location of the leaks, which is essential for high pressure leak testing! You simply can't find all the leaks without it!


  • Contaminant-free UltraTraceUV® dye solution marks leak spot
    • essential for high pressure testing
  • Easy Digital Pressure Setting
    • No need to fumble with analog regulator
  • Smart Pressure™ Technology
    • Automatically delivers densest smoke vapor, regardless of pressure setting
  • Selection Modes
    • Digital display shows pressure in PSI/bar and flow in LPM
  • Quantifies Leak
    • With pressure-decay as well as leak flow rate, regardless of pressure setting
  • Flexible Gas Source
    • Use with workshop air or any inert gas
  • Self-Calibrating
  • Designed for Turbocharged Vehicles
    • Tests entire turbo system
  • Tests Virtually all Pressure Systems
    • Not for EVAP testing


  • WV0712UV   (2) bottles of UltraTraceUV® smoke solution
  • ETIWVA065       Combination white/UV/laser light helps find exiting smoke and UV trace at exact leak locations
  • ETIWVA073       Wireless Remote


  • ETIWVA091   Turbo Adapter Set



One (1) year.

Product Specification

Weight 20 lbs. (9 kg)
Power12-24 Volt DC or 110-220V AC
Inlet Pressure50-175 psi (3.5-12 bar)
Inlet Gas SourceWorkshop Air (Any Inert Gas Source)
Output Pressure1-43.5 psi (69 mbar-3 bar)
Flow Rate0-20 LPM
Dimensions (HxWxD)14.5" (36.8cm) x 13.75" (34.9 cm) x 10" (25.4 cm)

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