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8 pc. Manual Brake Gauge
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This 8-piece Manual Brake Gauge set provides a quick "go/no-go" method to inspect the disc brake pads and shoes for wear on most models. The tool is designed to show customers an accurate measure of brake lining, and eliminates their question whether a brake job is really needed.


  • Improves customer confidence and increases productivity
  • Color Code:
    • Red = Must be serviced 
    • Yellow = Service due soon
    • Green = Brakes are still good


Limited lifetime 

Product Specification

Weight0.227 kg (0.8 oz)
Material20 gauge sheet metal
FinishDurable powdercoat
Dimensions127 mm (5.0")L x 22.223 mm (0.875")H x 22.223 mm (0.875")D

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